A selection of recordings I played on:


As a leader:



Bram Weijters & Chad McCullough - Pendulum

(CD release, november, 2018, Monks and Thieves / shiftingparadigmrecords)

Pendulum is a 25-movement suite inspired by the musical genius of Bach...
The music based on a common musical cell that evolves through 24 pieces, progressing with a structured order through all twelve key-centers twice, with a final reprise at the end, just as a clock circles twice a day through tweve hours, before the next day.

All music composed and arranged by Bram Weijters
Produced by Chad McCullough and Bram Weijters
Bram Weijters - piano, wurlitzer, rhodes, moog
Chad McCullough - trumpet


Bram Weijters & Chad McCullough - Feather

(CD, march 2017, Monks and Thieves / ears&eyes)

Besides their quartet, american trumpeter Chad McCullough and belgian pianist Bram Weijters also form a duo together.
Clouds of keyboard sounds are combined with lyrical, subtle trumpet playing.



Bram Weijters & Chad McCullough Quartet - Abstract Quantities

(CD, feb 2015, W.E.R.F 126 / ORIGIN)

For their third recording, the multi-national band led by pianist Bram Weijters and trumpeter Chad McCullough firmly establish a musical style and concept that's equal parts melancholic and hopeful.


Bram Weijters/Chad McCullough Quartet - Urban Nightingale

(CD, nov 2012, W.E.R.F 108 / ORIGIN)

The second album by our half american-half Belgian band. The album is described as a "perpetually unhurried environment where melodies can unfurl over harmonically compelling compositions."



Chad McCullough / Bram Weijters Quartet - Imaginary Sketches 

(CD, jan 2011, W.E.R.F 88 / ORIGIN)

Together with Seattle based trumpeter Chad McCullough we created a lyrical jazz album.


Bram Weijters Trio - A Late Night in Banff

(EP, july 2010, free download)

This is a live recording we did, while we were attending the International Workshop in Jazz and Creative Music, In Banff, AB, Canada. It was a great pleasure to meet and play with this wonderful musicians!


Bram at Neve

Bram Weijters Trio - Live at Studio Toots

(EP, april 2010, free download)

Here's a free downloadable EP of my trio, including 4 songs recorded live for belgian national radio for the jazz program 'Neve'. You can make your own physical copy with the included pdf and jpeg-files!


Bram Weijters Quintet

(EP, june 2010, free download)

This was recorded during the International Workshop in Jazz and Creative Music, at the Banff Centre in Canada. It was great to record some of my music with great musicians from all over the world!


Bram Weijters Trio - Live at the Club

(EP, july 2009, free download)

This was recorded at a live concert, also during the International
Workshop in Jazz and Creative Music. Bassist Willie Wrinkle and drummer David Meier formed such a great Rhythm section to play with!


Bram Weijters - Trio with strings (and a clarinet)

(EP, june 2009, free download)

Also recorded during The International Workshop in Jazz and Creative Music. A perfect chance to record some music and arrange it for piano trio + strings and clarinet



As co-leader or composer:



Koen Nys Quintet - Turtle Music

(CD, march 2011, W.E.R.F 91)

After living and playing in Canada and Japan, tenor player Koen Nys now presents his Belgian Quintet.   Honest Jazz, grounded in the tradition.



Hamster Axis of the One-Click Panther - Small Zoo 

(CD, jan 2011, W.E.R.F 89)

The first official release of the Antwerp based young and experimental jazzgroup. The music is contemporary, based on the jazz tradition and adventurious. 



EP Hamster Axis of the one-click Panther

The old EP (limited edition, free download)

The artwork was completely handmade, and the discs completely home made.



As a side-man



Marjan Van Rompay Group - Silhouette

(CD, 2012, Echos)

This the debut album of the young talented alto saxophonist Marjan Van Rompay, she is also composing most of the band's repertoire.



Piet Verbist - Zygomatik

(CD, 2012, ORIGIN)

Run by bass player Piet Verbist, this band is his first project as a leader and composer. The group incorporates influences from rock and soul over straight jazz to world music and free improvisation.



Some albums by alternative bands I’m involved in:




(CD, 2012, Petrol)

New upcoming antwerp based pop band.



Dez Mona - Pursued Sinners.  Brigittines Recordings 

(CD,2010 62TV Records/Bang)

Dez Mona's first album rerecorded with the full live band




Dez Mona - Carry on 

(EP, june 2009, 62TV Records/Bang)

EP based on the single 'Carry On'




Dez Mona - Hilfe Kommt

(CD, LP, 2009)

Dez Mona’s new official studio album.
Recorded at ICP Brussels, produced by Paul Webb, engineered by Phil Delire.




Dez Mona - Moments of Dejection or Despondency


The first album I recorded with Dez Mona, this has a more acoustic live feel





Jerboa - Rockit Fuel

(CD, 2007)

Jerboa’s latest album.




Jerboa - Music for My Instruments

(CD, 2LP, 2005)

My favourite Jerboa album.  More instrumental stuff and less mainstream.





Jerboa Eardrums

(EP 2004)



Jerboa Au Cinema

(EP 2003)





Jerboa Cuttin' Stylus

(CD 2002)





Phluff Phase Velvet

(CD 2006)

Probably the most loungy kind of music I ever played.